Quick start of ott tv box setup for your device

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There are many smart TVs out there, and Android TV boxes can prevent you from having the same boring look like everyone else. The ideal way to stand out from the pack is to customize your TV like you do your own Android phone, using an Android TV Launcher. Android Phone Launchers If you want to

What’s the OTT TV Box

OTT stands for over-the-top content also describes the way content is distributed to users. OTT TV boxes utilize the online infrastructure to get media content, essentially bypassing satellite, broadcast and cable television service providers. Therefore, there’s no control by any of these providers over the content or its distribution.

The most popular OTT TV boxes are Android-based TV streaming apparatus and IPTV set top boxes. As the former are far more flexible and provide you access to exactly the same OTT content since the latter, we’ll concentrate on Android devices.

Android TV boxes are a somewhat new smart TV platform. Users may purchase a standalone set-top box to hook it to their own current TV to invite all of the Android apps and other functionalities that users normally enjoy on a more compact device to the big screen.

There are hundreds and hundreds of channels, programs, and games to select from for unlimited entertainment possibilities. All of the required accessories normally come with the package.

The best approach to use your OTT TV box to stream live tv, movies and TV shows is using them in combination with an IPTV service. These behave as the content providers and offer monthly subscriptions that provide your accessibility to more information than any cable tv supplier.

So, a user just has to plug in the OTT TV box , provide power and Internet to enjoy content on a bigger and much better platform. The good news is that these streaming players do an unbelievable job of displaying 4k video playback without lag or stuttering.

This combined with magnificent audio, generous storage, and other attributes make them a no brainer choice in today’s era and time. So, here is the best iptv subscription.

This Android TV box gives a fantastic first impression with a build quality that is worthy of its high price tag. The box feels somewhat flimsy and lightweight. Nevertheless, the remote and certainly the gamepad have a high-quality feel to them. Gaming and game emulation is the thing that sets this box apart from the contest. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but for many, this will be a worthy main gaming console. Add to the out of the box streaming and support for 4K HDR streaming, and you have yourself the ultimate amusement box.

The Nvidia Shield also lets you stream your games from the PC or in the cloud. This works really well if you’re on a wired system.

Internal storage is somewhat limited at 16 GB. This is particularly true if you intend to install a bunch of games (which you should).

The Voice Search functions quite nicely but still has some quirks. The fantastic news is, though, that NVIDIA constantly rolls out new updates to enhance the device.
In Utilization

Upon launching the device, you are prompted to enter your Google account and the remainder is automatically set up.

As soon as you are on the main port, you will soon fall in love with the Shield. The interface isn’t full of advertisements like some of those other Android boxes (we are considering you, Amazon Fire). Assessing the system feels quite responsive and all the popular streaming programs are easily available or could be installed.

It goes without saying that gambling is as great as you could imagine given the specs of this box. Games load fast and, more importantly, do not lag or stutter even when things get hectic. Of course, Kodi runs super easy and manages any movie file you throw at it.


It is not one of these devices that ships directly from some far-flung corner of Taiwan or Hong Kong. This is built to last and it comes with a real product warranty.

4K streaming on all significant platforms is a very clear advantage over cheap and generic Android boxes from the far east.

Finally, having the flexibility of streaming movies or shows, playing games in the Android play store, or streaming games from the PC or the cloud is fantastic. It is unlikely that you will ever run out of entertainment choices with the NVIDIA Shield TV.


Identifying any real cons for this TV box is tough. In part, because there isn’t another similar Android TV box. What it really boils down to is the price. The NVIDIA Shield TV is not cheap. However, that does not indicate it isn’t still fantastic value for money. With a few of the very best high-quality streaming and the ability to supply high-end gaming capabilities, the Shield TV combines an Android TV box with a more conventional gaming system. With this in mind, the cost for this gadget is quite competitive.

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