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Fire entryways that join fire assurance and style.

Glass fire entryways are joined by flame insurance authentications for the profile and the flame resistant glass.

They are outfitted with embellishments, for example, basic or sliding limitation systems, handles, alarm bars, need instruments for the two-leaf, divider or floor electromagnets, etc.

The edges are fabricated in different hues real and these entryways are accessible in all classes of imperviousness to fire classes E and EI. They can be single-leaf, twofold leafed and have a flame resistant edge (sidelong or lookout windows).

The establishment of flame resistant glass and ÈÙÑÁÊÉÓÌÅÍÅÓ ÐÏÑÔÅÓ ÁÈÇÍÁ is finished by a particular workshop of our organization.


Structures of fixed glass-facade entryways made of excited steel fireproof profiles with or without warm protection, of various cross-segments as pursues:

They convey a unique shoulder lash for an elastic cushion.

Snap-in braces can be utilized to coordinate the coating and a hole of 10mm is accommodated the likelihood of warm extension check here.

Completely clear glasses Pilkington, Schott Pyran, Saint Cobain, Pyroguard and others.

All glass fire entryways are joined by an endorsement issued by a skilled expert as per UNI 9723, EN 1634-1, EN 1364 and the model for E 30, E 60, E 90, E 120 and EI 30, EI 60, EI 90, EI 120 when there is warm protection.

Glass windows have been tried in affirmed research centers that issue the important authentications, so they can be sold both in Italy and abroad.

Encompassing the profiles, a warmth safe mineral-base tape is set.

Standard colors in RAL 1013, 3000, 5010, 6005 7035, 8017, 9005, 9006, 9010 and any RAL on solicitation.

There are two criteria characterizing imperviousness to fire. E is entryway snugness, ie the capacity to avoid the section of or the generation of smoke and fire (Hold Against Hot Gases and Flames), and I is the capacity of Heat Insulation Capacity, heat.