Phenol Peels

Phenol Peels

A Phenol peel is usually the strongest type of peel offered. It is generally used on very deep wrinkles and severely aged skin. There is also a risk of hyperpigmentation with phenol peels. Recovery times with a phenol peel are usually the longest of any peel, sometimes a week or longer. It is usually used on the face. The results with a phenol peel are similar to those of CO2 laser resurfacing.




How Phenol Peels Work?

Phenol Peels work by removing the upper skin layer, going into the epidermis. The phenol solution is applied to the skin for approximately 10 minutes and the solution works by dissolving the skin cells. The strength of the peel will vary based on the concentration mixed by the practitioner.


What They Treat

Phenol peels remove deeper wrinkles and lines, as well as improve age spotting and pigmentation problems. There is, as mentioned, a substantial amount of downtime associated with phenol peels, as well as very high risk of side-effects, including cardiac risks.

Chemical Peel Cost Calculator

Generic pricing information is almost always inaccurate and can range from $200-$1000. Your costs can be much lower based on your personal details and where you live. Use the calculator below to get better estimates per session.

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