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Many people are looking for a simple way to improve their skin without surgery or a facelift. Aging and sun-damaged skin may develop redness, blemishes, facial veins and pigment, deep wrinkles, cancerous or precancerous lesions or spotting. Its important to have a plastic surgeon or dermatologist look at your skin to evaluate your needs. This procedure uses a chemical solution, usually an acid, to ‘peel’ away the top layers of the epidermis in order to improve conditions such as acne, irregular pigmentation or wrinkles. Chemical peels have been in use for a number of years and are a highly popular way to improve the texture and look of skin. Over half a million people have a session performed each year. There are a wide variety of peels available, each with its own unique benefits as well as risks.



Chemical Peel Providers

The goal of VIP Beauty is to provide quality information about TCA, Glycolic and various other acid types, as well as a list of physicians who offer treatment near you. There are an abundance of treatments marketed today, both for in-home use as well as in spas and clinics, which claim to be highly effective. The best option is, and always has been, to consult with a physician with experience and knowledge of skin care. These professionals are the most likely to give you the range of options available to you and help you form a treatment course which will give you results you can be satisfied with

Expert Written Information

This website is dedicated to providing people looking for better skin a place to become educated about the use of these peels, and whether they may be right for you. Note that patients taking Retin-a may be more sensitive and should notify their doctor. Information provided by individuals on this site should be considered opinion and cannot replace the advice of and consultation with a physician, but can be educational and help let you know more about chemical peels.

Don’t let the term “chemical peel” scare you away. A chemical peel refers to the general category for a number of chemical treatments used to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. If you’ve ever wondered how some of your favorite celebrities seem to look so flawless all the time – whether they’re picking up their kids from school or attending an awards show – they likely owe their glow to chemical peels.